About Ride Enterprises

Racer meeting & instructions at the Triple F

Ride Enterprises, LLC is a Minnesota-based company focused on resources that serve the needs of the cycling community.  From cycling news, to advocacy, to special events and races (such as the recent and very successful Fatbike Frozen Forty), Ride Enterprises enhances the visibility and accessibility of cycling resources.

While there are countless cycling-related websites, magazines, and blogs, we focus the energy and resources of Ride Enterprises on unique niche areas of the cycling community.  Some of the resources and events managed or operated by Ride Enterprises include:

  • Fatbike Frozen Forty (Triple F) — the 40-mile fatbike-only endurance race organized by Ride Enterprises, LLC.  In its first year, the Fatbike Frozen Forty (Triple F) race attracted more than 50 registered fatbike racers to a unique mid-distance endurance race at Elm Creek Park in Maple Grove, MN.  With an abundance of short distance fatbike races and a few epic ultra-marathaon endurance events such as the Arrowhead and 135 and the Iditarod Trail Invitational, the fatbike event field was devoid of any action in the middle.  Enter, Ride Enterprises, LLC, with Minnesota’s own 40-mile fatbike endurance race.  With the success had by the Triple F in 2012 in its first year, you won’t want to miss Triple F 2013!  Follow more information about the event at Frozen40.com.
  • FixedRiders.com — a website and discussion forum focused on fixed gear cycling, with reviews, ride reports, and links to other resources that cater to fixed gear riders around the world
  • RideFatbikes.com — while fatbikes have an explosive growth in popularity, demand, and companies that cater to this niche, few websites consolidate fatbike news, reviews, and resources as comprehensively as RideFatbikes.com
  • FatbikeGallery.com — for those who want to see where riders take their fatbikes, from beaches, to remote trails, to crowded cities, to arctic endurance races, FatbikeGallery.com provides a forum to see and post fatbike photos
  • FatbikeLibrary.com — a resource library for fatbike afficionados.  Want to know what bike shops cater to fatbikes?  How about fatbike races or events?  Would you like to find a list of all the bike companies that produce fatbikes?  Visit FatbikeLibrary.com

At Ride Enterprises, we work to create and maintain resources that enhance the cycling community, and the rider experience.  Our websites and events offer terrific sponsorship and advertising opportunities.  Contact us for more info using the contact us page.

Thanks for stopping by.  Ride on.

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